Things to Consider Before Going Into Law


  1. The rigidity of law:

    • An Ideal legal system keeps on changing according to the changing needs of the people. But because of the rigidity of law, it is unable to keep pace with the fast-changing society. There is always a gap between the advancement of society and the legal system prevailing in it. The lack of flexibility in law results in hardship and injustice to the people.
  2. Conservative Nature:

    • law is that its Conservative Nature. Law is conservative in its approach. The Bar and Bench are generally conservative in their approach to the dispensation of justice. The result is is that very often the law is static. This is not conducive to a progressive society.
  3. Formalism :

    • The Law suffers from excessive formalism greater emphasis laid on the form of law rather than its substance. Undue formalism causes unnecessary delay in dispensation of justice
  4. Complexity :

    • law is Complexity. It is true that every law effort is made to make law as simple as possible but it is not possible to make every law simple. That is due to the Complex nature of modern society.

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