Dispute Resolution

High Court and Magistrates Court civil commercial litigation

• Contractual disputes
• Professional negligence
• Debt collection and corporate recoveries
• Taxation of bills of costs
• Matrimonial litigation
• Conducting proceedings at various quasi-judicial tribunals and statutory boards
• Advice on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms
• Conducting mediation and arbitration proceedings

What Are The Three Basic Types of Dispute Resolution 

1. Mediation

The goal of mediation is for a neutral third party to help the disputants reach a consensus own.
instead of a solution, a professional mediator works with the conflicting parties to explore them the interests underlying their positions.
Mediation can be effective in allowing the parties to vent their feelings and explore them fully Complaints.
Work with parties and sometimes mediators may separately try to help them come to a sustainable, voluntary and non-binding solution.

2. Arbitration

In the arbitration a neutral third-party act as a judge responsible for solving the issue Quarrel.
The referee listens as each side argues its case and presents relevant evidence, it then presents a binding decision.
Litigation parties can negotiate virtually every aspect of the
arbitration process, even if Attorneys will be present at that time and what standards of proof will apply used.
The referee's hand Decisions that are normally confidential and cannot be appealed.
As with mediation arbitration is typically much less expensive than litigation.

3. Litigation

The best-known species Dispute resolution, civil litigation generally relates to a defendant before a plaintiff before a judge or before a judge and jury.
The judge or the jury is responsible for evaluating the evidence and issuing a decision.
The information that are transmitted at hearings and court proceedings usually enter and remain in the public record.
General Lawyers dominate litigation, often ending in a settlement agreement during the Pre-trial time of discovery and preparation.

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